Fly to the World's HIGHEST Airport - Daocheng Yading

Hey, guys, let's walk in the Beijing Daxing International Airport AGAIN! Beijing Daxing International Airport, also known as Beijing New Airport, is the biggest airport in the world. It is also the second international airport of Beijing along with Beijing Capital International airport. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★★★★★ How big is Daxing airport? The gigantic Daxing airport, with the impressive shape which has given it the nickname “Starfish”, has enormous dimensions. There are currently 4 runways (with the prospect of becoming 7 in the future) and a vast terminal building covering a 700.000m² area while the ground transportation center extends to 80.000m². ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★★★★★ How much did Daxing airport cost? The construction of the mega-airport, which is expected to eventually become the busiest airport in the world, cost an unsurprisingly large amount. The Chinese government is estimated to have paid approximately US $17.47 billion for this colossal project. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★★★★★ How many runways does Daxing airport have? For the time being, Daxing Airport has four runways and 79 airport stands. The 4 runways' size is impressive while the airport stands are suitable both for one twin-aisle and two single-aisle planes. Eventually, the airport will have 7 runways in total and will be able to serve about 620.000 flights annually. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★★★★★ Which airlines are going to operate at Daxing airport? Since the airport has recently opened, the number of daily flights is still limited. The more time that goes by, there will be an increase in air itineraries in the airport’s schedule. For the time being, all the major China air carriers such as China Eastern, China Southern, China United and Air China airlines are present at Daxing airport along with some international airways. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★★★★★ Is Beijing Daxing airport the biggest in the world? A lot of discussions have been going on about which airport is expected to be the biggest in the world. Beijing Daxing airport and Istanbul new airport (the two most recent and biggest airport projects) “claim” this title. Beijing Daxing airport has, in fact, the biggest, single terminal building while Istanbul International airport, in its final phase, is expected to be the biggest airport globally in terms of passenger traffic. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★★★★★ Who designed Daxing airport? Daxing airport's terminal building is the impressive outcome of the collaboration between ADP Ingeniérie (ADPI) and the architecture team of Zaha Hadid (ZHA) who tragically passed away in 2016. Subsequently, in August 2018, Hong Kong design studio Lead 8 undertook the design of the new commercial terminal which is anticipated to respond to every passenger’s needs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★★★★★ Who owns Beijing Daxing airport? The colossal project of the Daxing airport construction was funded by the Chinese government. With its budget reaching 11.5 billion U.S. dollars (80 billion yuan), the second Beijing airport is one of the biggest airports in the world, ultimately serving a 100 million passengers annually! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you enjoy this walking tour. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0:00 Intro 0:55 Daxing Airport Express (The Train) 6:33 Walking Inside The Airport 50:40 Close-up Airport ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★★Guys, I'm looking forward to know how do you feel about this video.★★ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★★ Other Beijing Walking Tour Videos ★★ If you enjoy my videos, please ★SUBSCRIBE★ my next walk, Love and peace. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #daxingAirport #BeijingAirport