【ENG】我的每日便当 My lunchbox 料理音|香菇炖鸡与黑胡椒小蕃茄便当 Vol.29 Braised chicken stew, tomatoes with cheese crackers

*Please click c.c for English subtitles. 早上晚了,要准备午饭洗脸刷牙化妆整理东西1个小时内居然搞定出门。很多人留言想看吃便当,所以录了个小型吃播嘿嘿…希望大家喜欢,不过我不能每次都录,因为有时很忙或者同事看到会不好意思~ 以后偶尔会录一下,如果大家觉得这个部分看上去有趣的话 💗 I was late in the morning, so I tried to make lunch, brush teeth, wash face, doing makeup, arrange bag for work all the things within 1hr and I made it! Reading some comments wish to see me eating my lunch, therefore I have recorded an lunch eating clip... hope you will like it. However I am not able to record this every time, sometimes office is quite busy and if my colleague sees me filming it would be a little embarrassed ~ occasionally I would film a little if you find this part is interesting to watch 💗 今日食谱: Today's lunch-box menu: * 蛋包饭 (青豆,玉米,蘑菇,蛋皮,海苔,番茄酱,米饭。) * Omurice (green peas, corn, mushroom, egg, seaweed sheets, ketchup, rice. ) 喜欢做便当的我会持续更新!^_^ Hello everyone! I will keep updating my bento making series, please don't forget to subscribe. ※我的微博 @snowenn https://www.weibo.com/xuewen123